Remedial Plumbing Works

As part of a Legionella Risk Assessment by Enviroliance, we will note a number of corrections or improvements to your current Water System. These improvements are required to bring your system up to compliance.

There are a number of remedial works that we offer;

Dead Leg Removal

A common remedial action which is flagged during the Risk Assessment is a Dead Leg. A Dead leg is where a section of piping which has become redundant through changes to the Water System changes. E.g a water outlet has been removed but the original piping remains. This is classed as a risk as water has the opportunity to stagnate and become a breeding ground for Legionella. Enviroliance can completely remove the dead leg section of pipe work.

Backflow protection

Water regulations state that every fitting through which water is supplied for domestic purposes should be installed in such a manner that no backflow can take place. Enviroliance are experienced at fitting, maintenance and testing a number of backflow prevention devices. We are certified by Water Regulation Advisory Scheme for testing RPZ valves.

Expansion Vessels

Enviroliance can Re-orientate expansion vessels. There is a risk of water stagnation on no vertical drainage, this could lead to the growth of Legionella. This risk can be removed by ensuring that these are all placed vertically, therefore drain as efficiently as possible.

Pipework and Cold Water Storage Tank Insulation

Enviroliance can insulate your CWST and Pipework. Legionella is temperature sensitive. The insulation allows better control of the temperature present in the system.