Summary of PHE’s July 2016 Legionella Survey Report


At Enviroliance we believe in keeping our clients up to date with any information concerning Legionella. Last month we provided our first summary of PHE Monthly Legionella Surveillance report. After positive feedback from our clients, we have decided to do this on a monthly basis. Julys report is available at PHE’s Full Report. In June 2016 there were 43 confirmed or notified cases.  This month showed a 12% increase month on month, an exact match to last year

PHE Legionella Survey July 2016

Graph Displaying Jan to July 2016 Legionella Survey

The above graph may be slightly misleading as it is shows decrease year on year. This is due to 23 July cases still being in the process of confirmation

As way of a summary of this report the key updates were :

  • 48 reported/ notified cases of Legionnaires Disease July 2016
  • 25 confirmed cases of Legionnaires Disease July 2016
  • 16 of these cases were deemed to be exposed in the community.
  • only 4 of the cases were deemed to be exposed while travelling abroad
  • 232 – reported/ notified cases of LD since 01 Jan 2016
  • 149 – Confirmed cases in England and Wales since 01 Jan 2016
  • An Analysis by Region shows that
  1. West Midlands – In July 2016 2 cases were confirmed which brings the regions total to 23 confirmed cases for 2016
  2. East Midlands–  In July 2016 -2 cases were confirmed which brings the regions total to 21 confirmed cases for 2016
  3. London– In July 2016 -5 cases were confirmed which brings the regions total to 20 confirmed cases for 2016

We should note that Yorkshire & Humber reported 5 cases which represents 42% of Cases (12) in this region for 2016

As an Industry we must to continue to innovate and educate our clients with regards to Legionella compliance. Since its discovery 40 years ago we have made significant steps in controlling the risks of Legionella in Water systems. We should move away from a price driven market, which encourages the market to solely be focused on speed and efficiency. A step change is required to move towards a focus on technical expertise and the experience required to competently manage and our clients water system.

If you are a client or buyer reading this please consider the risk to your reputation which improper management of water systems will lead to… ask the 149 confirmed cases above!

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