Legionella Risk Assessment

Do I need a risk assessment?

Required by law, under the legislation detailed in the Health and Safety Work Act (1974) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (1999), employers have a responsibility to assess the risk posed by the potential for legionella colonisation

How we can help

Enviroliance offers extensive and compliant Legionella Risk Assessments of man-made water systems to identify any potential risks present and the control measures required to deal with them. Risk assessments should be carried out regularly on water systems that are at high risk of harboring harmful bacteria. Risk assessments provide the employer with confidence that their systems are safe for use and pose no threat to the surrounding environment. The assessment also ensures that any control measure already in place is effective in maintaining low levels of the bacteria in the long term.

At Enviroliance, our team is fully accredited to conduct high quality risk assessments on site to protect our clients and their employees from exposure to legionella bacteria. The assessment involves a comprehensive investigation into all possible sites where the bacteria may be present; the risks associated with work carried out on these sites and any resulting health risks.

Following inspection of the site, the findings of the inspection are comprised into a written record for our clients and will include the following:

  • Level of risk present
  • Recommended control procedures
  • Schematic of the site
  • Relevant images

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