Sampling and Analysis

Enviroliance can offer an extensive range of Sampling and Analysis services that cover detection of microbial activity in domestic and commercial buildings that use man-made water systems.

Sampling of a water system allows identification of harmful bacteria present in a system and allows us to indicate the source of environmental risk within the system. Appropriate control measures can then be applied to eliminate the danger to the surrounding environment. Further analysis and sampling after any required treatment is included in our management and monitoring services to ensure that the risk does not reoccur in the long term.

Following the strict procedures outlined in the British Standards BS7592 and ACOP L8, our sampling and analysis services are of the highest quality. A member of our fully trained technician team will be sent to your site where a collection of both hot and cold samples from various areas on site will be collected. A sample submission sheet is used to record the number of samples collected and the respected temperatures of each sample. Following collection of samples, they are sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory where they will be analysed for microbial activity.

Water systems may be sampled for legionella when:

  • Water systems are treated with biocides where storage and distribution temperatures are reduced from those recommended
  • In systems where control levels of the treatment regime (eg. temperature, biocide levels) are not being consistently achieved.
  • When an outbreak is suspected or has been identified
  • Sites where ‘at risk’ people have been identified
  • After invasive work on water systems has been carried out
  • As a measure of the efficacy of control measures


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