Tank Inspection Cleaning + Disinfection

Tank Inspection, Cleaning + Disinfection

Why do tanks need cleaned? Why is this important for Legionella Control? How often should i do this?

Enviroliance can carry our Tank Inspection, this is where we shall tell you if a Tank Cleaning and Disinfection is required to maintain your Legionella control. If requested Enviroliance can also carry this work out..

In order to minimize the risk of waterborne bacteria being present in a water system, water storage tanks should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Over time, storage tanks are susceptible to contamination of debris and sediment build up, affecting the quality of the water supply. Microbial activity feed off fouling in a tank and so the risk of spreading disease is a high risk in poorly maintained tanks.

The growth of microbes in a water tank allows formation of slime within the tank. The microbial biofilm slime acts as a barrier allowing the growth of harmful bacteria making it difficult to remove. Storage tanks are therefore required to be flushed with disinfecting chemicals to remove any buildup of biofilm and to prevent stagnation of water.

What we offer:

We will send out a team of fully trained engineers to conduct a full tank inspection to determine the quality of water supply from the source
If a clean and disinfection is required after inspection, Enviroliance will conduct a full drain, clean and disinfection of the tank following the guidelines outlined in ACoP L8
Upon completion the client will receive a document of certification to acknowledge the cleaning and disinfection of the tank.

The Frequency of your tank cleaning will depend on the system you have. The inspection frequency will be listed on your Risk Assessment

Please call to speak to one of our expects regarding Tank Inspection, Cleaning and Disinfection today.